Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine
Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine
Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine
Spinshot Pickleball Machine - Spinshot Sports US
Spinshot Pickleball Machine - Spinshot Sports US
Spinshot Pickleball Machine - Spinshot Sports US
Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine

Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine


The Spinshot Player Pickleball machine is available with or without Remote Watch. Please select your chosen machine model using the options above.

Spinshot Player Pickleball models options:

  • Pickleball machine with Remote Watch
  • Pickleball machine without Remote Watch

The revolutionary Spinshot Player Pickleball machine allows you can customize your own pickleball drills with adjustable ball height, direction, spin and speed and save these settings to make your own custom drill.

Hopper holds 85 pickle balls

Video Overview of the Spinshot Player Pickleball Machine

Drill Maker app - Remote Control & Custom Drills

Control the pickleball machine with our Drill Maker app, providing optimal usability and adjustment of its many features.

The Spinshot Player Pickleball machines come with 12 drills which give a full variety of shot positions. You can customize each of these drills to suit your playing level or create your own drills. You can also use the remote watch (optional accessory) to control the machine.

The Spinshot pickleball machine comes with 12 drills. You can use these drills as they are, or you can customize them to suit you.

Here is the list of Spinshot pickleball machine drills:

  1. Deep Serve to Backhand

  2. Deep Serve to Forehand

  3. Backspin Return to Backhand

  4. Backspin Return to Forehand

  5. Deep Forehand

  6. Deep Backhand

  7. 2 line wide

  8. 2 line narrow

  9. Overhead

  10. Random Dinking Slow

  11. Random Dinking Medium

  12. Kitchen Dinks (set up at kitchen line)


For drill numbers 1-11 you set the machine up on the baseline in the center of the court. For drill 12 you set the machine up at the kitchen line.

For additional pickleball drills - check out these 5 drills made for the Spinshot Pickleball machine

Customize your drills with Drill Maker

Each of the 12 drills can be customized to suit you, your family, or club members.  Height, direction, spin, speed for each of 6 sequential shots can be adjusted and then saved as your personalized drill.

Drills are made using the DrillMaker app and saved to the machine. Next time you use the machine, just press the drill number button you require and start your game.

The Player model was developed to be incredibly user friendly and can be operated by even young players.

Remote Control via App - Android or iPhone

Our Drill Maker app for Android and iPhone is free to download. Read more about our Drill Maker app and download on your device to see how it works. 

Machine Dimensions & Weight

20"(H), 18"(L), 12"(W)
Weight 41lb.

It is lighter and more compact than any other ball machine with similar features.


The Spinshot Pickleball ball machine can deliver balls up to 60mph or can be reduced to as little as 10mph. 

Battery & Power Information

The battery (included with machine) can support 2-3 hours of play. Simply charge overnight after each use and it's ready to go. The machine will be shipped with a battery charger.  Additional batteries or power modules can be purchased to extend playing time. 

Upgrade option is available to install your machine with Mains Power Module, or the Power / External Battery Hybrid ModuleRead our Guide to all the power and battery options available