What makes Spinshot machines different from other brands?

The Plus2 and Player machines stand out as a more professional choice for tennis players with the advanced technology and functionality of  the Drill Maker app to create fully customisable drills.

All Spinshot machines exterior casings are constructed of metal making them a premium product when compared to other brands.

How do you know Spinshot is the best tennis ball machine in the world? 

Spinshot Player and Spinshot Plus2 have been ranked #1 tennis ball machines for many years running. Almost all independent reviews of tennis ball machines put Spinshot machines at the top because of our advanced features compared to other machines on the market.

Our benefits include:

  • Drill Maker app - the ability to create your own custom drills that can place balls in all areas of the court creating true match play scenarios
  • Price - our ball machines are well priced and have more functionality and features than higher priced machines
  • Remote Watch - control your ball machine from the other end of the court
  • Portability - Spinshot machines are easy to move about, can fit in the trunk of your car, have an extendable handle and large trolley wheels
  • Battery or Power options - Every Spinshot machine can either use battery or AC power or a combination of both. You can run multiple batteries to increase playing time if no power is available on your court.

A quick google search for “best tennis ball machine” and you will see Spinshot tennis ball machines are consistently ranked #1.

If you search Amazon for ranking of the best seller "tennis ball machine” you will find Spinshot is always ranked number 1 in the market.

Can I use any type of tennis balls in a tennis ball machine?

To get the most out of your machine, we recommend you use pressureless balls. Typical tennis balls are pressurised which become considerably flatter after a couple of days hitting. In comparison, players will get on average 1 - 2 years out of pressureless balls (depending on court surface, amount of usage, etc).

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Machine Comparisons

What is the difference between the Player and Plus2?

The Plus2 ball machine was developed for tennis players that want the option to create drills via the machine’s control panel, or use the Drill Maker app. In comparison the Drill Maker app is the only way to create drills for the Player ball machine.

What is the difference between the Plus and Player machines?

The Plus ball machine was designed for easy control of standard oscillations, such as 2-Line Oscillation, where the machine will keep shooting one ball left and one ball right,  or Vertical Oscillations which is one ball high and one ball low.

The Player ball machine was designed to program any type of drills by setting speed, direction, spin, height of six consecutive balls.

What is the difference between the Pro and other models?

The Pro ball machine can adjust ball speed, spin, direction and height for consistent practice of a stroke. It provides one type of oscillation which is shooting balls forehand or backhand randomly.

The Player and Plus2 machine’s differ from the Pro in that they are compatible with the Drill Maker app. The Pro can be controlled with the Remote Watch (sold separately), or via the control panel.

The Pro ball machine has a a very easy to use control panel which uses dials and switches to adjust the settings ball speed, spin, direction and height.

What is the difference between the Lite ball machine and other models?

As with the Pro, the Lite ball machine also uses dials and switches to adjust the settings for ball speed, direction and height.

However, it can only hold 45 balls with maximum speed of around 60kmh. It is mainly for junior players.

Do you have a comparison chart for different models of Spinshot machine?

Yes, Please refer to our machine comparison chart

What is the main difference between the high spin model and normal model?

Spinshot provides the high spin model for Player and Plus2. The high spin model has more powerful service motors which will enable a faster ball delivery for both flat and high spin balls.


Machine Features

Can I link different drills together and play them in sequence?

Yes, the Spinshot player ball machine offers a new feature to link different drills together. A maximum of 12 drills can be linked, so a player can create a  long drill sequence consisting of 72 balls. Press the drill buttons you want to play in sequence (eg press drill button 1,3,4,6) and press start / play.

Can Spinshot machines make random oscillation?

Yes, all models can run horizontal random oscillations. The Player and Plus2 models can run height (vertical) random oscillations as well.

What is a 3-line drill and can a Spinshot machine deliver a 3-line drill?

A 3-line drill is similar to the 2-line drill in that it will deliver balls to the forehand, middle court, and backhand.

The Spinshot Player and Plus2 ball machines can easily support a 3-line drill and up to a 6-line drill by programming different horizontal values for the drill.

If you are using the drill link feature of the Player machine you can create a series of drills that will deliver balls at intervals across the full width of the court.


Battery, Power and Charging

Will my machine be shipped with a charger that is compatible with power in my country?

Yes, we will send corresponding compatible AC module or charger depending on your country of residence. All AC modules and chargers support 110V to 240V AC input so it offers full compatibility.

What is the battery life?

A battery will last between 3-5 years with proper care and use. After that the battery could show shorter playing time. Replacement batteries can  be ordered from the Spinshot website and can be easily replaced.

Can I install both AC module and battery inside the machine?

No. The power-supply cage can only fit one module. So if you require both AC option and battery option, you should orderthe hybrid module and use the battery externally. See connections photos from spinshotsports.com/pages/power-and-battery-options

What is the difference between the AC module and the rechargeable internal battery option?

The AC module powers the machine without a battery but you have to have mains power on or near the court.

With the rechargeable battery option the charger is plugged into the control panel of the machine to charge the internal battery or to the external battery/hybrid kit's extension cable.

The charger is not powerful enough to drive the machines main motors., so you cannot charge the battery and use the machine at the same time.

Do I need to uninstall / remove the battery to charge it?

No. You can either charge the battery via the charger port on the control panel for internal battery setup, or if you use an external battery, you can charge it via the external extension cable.

Should be modified to some thing like : You can either charge the battery via the charger port on the control panel for internal battery , or if you use external battery, you can charge it via external extension cable.

How long it will take to fully charge the machine

It depends on battery power left. It takes 10-16 hours to fully charge the high capacity battery (Player, Plus2 and Plus models), or 8-12 hours to fully charge the low capacity battery (Pro and Lite models).

Can I keep charger connected when not in use ?

No, it is recommended you unplug the charger once the battery is fully charged.

Can I keep charger connected during use?

No, you should remove the charger when using the machine.

Is the charger and battery included in the order?

Yes. They are always included for domestic orders. Some transport companies may not allow delivery of batteries, so in this case we will find a local vendor for you and pay the cost of purchasing the battery locally. The battery is international standard and can be easily sourced worldwide.



Why does the machine move on the court when in use?

If your court has a slippery surface and you use an external battery option your machine could move slightly on the court due to recoil when delivering balls. When the battery is external the machine becomes lighter, so to fix this you can hang the battery bag over the extendable handle to increase the weight of the machine. 

My machine seems slower than when it was new?

If the machine produces high speeds but after a while it appears to slow down the issue could be the battery. Ensure the battery is fully charged.

If the machine is delivering slow balls from the start, the reason could be too slippery service wheels. This happens if you use new balls (too much wax) or always use machine outdoors. Follow the User Manual to sandpaper the wheels which will fix it.

If you are using a new machine and you feel the speed has dropped, please check whether you have high spin set on the shots. The high spin setting will slow down the balls.



Can Spinshot provide overseas warranty support?

Yes, we offers warranty worldwide. Our machines are well designed with all parts easily replaceable. There is no need to return the machine back to the factory or retailer. Send us the failure details and our online support team will offer free parts and quick repair guidelines.

What is your return policy

Please read our returns policy 

Do I need to register my machine for warranty?

No. Just keep the order receipt which is emailed to you when you order.

Can I buy a Warranty Extension?

Yes, please contact us to purchase an extended warranty.


Shipping, Delivery, Taxes and Customs

How long will it take to get my machine and how much will it cost?

Customers can normally receive their machine in 3-4 days after the order is placed.

Do I need to pay Custom and VAT tax?

No, Spinshot’s courier partner will take care of all custom clearance administration and costs.